PS 362 Wave Prep has a dedicated faculty committed to helping each scholar reach individual academic goals while demonstrating W.A.V.E.


Ms. Ferguson

Assistant Principals

Ms. El Ammari

Ms. Vasquez

Parent Coordinator

Ms. Williams


Ms. Ali

Ms. Morales


Ms. Bonilla


Ms. Glasgow

Ms. McMahon


Ms. D'Agostino

Ms. Manning

Ms. Miller

Ms. Munro

Ms. Ortiz

Ms. Schuler

First Grade

Ms. Adams

Ms. Callahan

Ms. McGee

Ms. Kastner

Ms. Ventre

Second Grade

Ms. Cayenne

Mr. Dugan

Ms. Falcone

Ms. Norden

Third Grade

Ms. Albasheir

Ms. Bone

Ms. Casper

Ms. Carlino

Ms. Diaz

Ms. Moreira

Fourth Grade

Ms. Boone

Ms. Del Prete

Ms. Rubinstein

Ms. Senft

Ms. Volk

Fifth Grade

Ms. Chalen

Ms. Cooper

Mr. Nellen


Ms. Carlino


Ms. Vargas

Physical Education

Mr. Katz


Mr. Mastrocola


Ms. Collier

Educational Assistants

Ms. Andujar

Ms. Arocho

Ms. Atehortua

Ms. Boyce-El

Mr. Chambers

Mr. Goodman

Ms. Harrison

Ms. Jefferson

Ms. Kennedy

Ms. Miller

Ms. Ponticelli

Ms. Rayder

Ms. Rodriguez

Ms. Slakman

Mr. Villafane

Ms. Welfare

Ms. Williams

Speech and Language

Ms. Avni

Ms. Brown

Occupational Therapists

Ms. Devorah

Ms. Shoshana

Physical Therapist

Ms. Laura

School Psychologist

Ms. Scharf

Social Worker

Ms. Kane

Family Worker

Ms. Alameda

Safety Agents

Ms. Castro

Ms. Powell